Full Size Patterns 101 – 120

101 Witchy Woman

101 “Witchy Woman” Sweatshirt and Pillow                                               “Witchy Woman” is a classic Halloween pattern that can also be used as a “mood swing alert” shirt. You can wear it on any day to alert people of your out look on life that day. Have some fun with it. The cat pillow is 13″ x 15″.

102 Pumpkin Party

102 “Pumpkin Party”  Adult and Child Sweatshirts

103 Mother Hen

103 “Mother Hen” Sweatshirt and Pillow

104 Bless You

104 “Bless You” Sweatshirt and Wallhanging


105 “Strutt’n Tom” Sweatshirt and Pillow


106 “Rudy”  Adult and Child Sweatshirts

107 Santa and Company

107 “Santa and Company”  Adult and Child Sweatshirts


108 “The Brrr s”  Adult and Child Sweatshirts

109 Cheeper Shirt

109 “Cheeper Shirt” Adult and Child Sweatshirts

110 Bear Collector

110 “Bear Collector” Adult and Child Sweatshirts

111 The Ohares

111 “The O’hares” Adult and Child Sweatshirts


112 Snow Balls

112 “Snow Balls” Wallhanging and Pillow

113 Shoo Don't Fly

113 “Shoo Don’t Fly” Wallhanging and Pillow

114 Goosed Pumpkin

114 “Goosed Pumpkin” Wallhanging and Pillow

115 School Days

115 “School Days” Adult and Child Sweatshirts

116 Parts is Parts

116 “Parts is Parts” Adult and Child Sweatshirts

117 Old Crows Club

117 “Old Crows Club” Sweatshirt and Pillow

118 Mr and Mrs America

118 “Mr and Mrs America” Sweatshirt and Wallhanging

119 Bunny Hopscotch

119 “Bunny Hopscotch” Wallhanging and Pillow

120 Lady Liberty

120 “Lady Liberty” Wallhanging and Pillow