Transferring Words on a Shirt

If we want to keep our pattern clean, we use a piece of clear cling wrap over the pattern. Place some netting over the words.

Using a black permanent ink marker, trace over the words. Lay the traced netting on your shirt.

Use either a blue (water removable) or white (heat removable) marker to transfer the words to your shirt. The lines will be visible because of the holes in the netting.


Stuffing Pillows

Use either cotton batting or polyester fleece the same size as your backing and top of your pillow. Your actual pillow pieces will be sandwiched between the pieces of batting.

Then you stitch around the edges and turn right side out (following the information found in the pattern). These layers of batting (fleece) act as extra filling.

Sometimes it’s hard to get stuffing into the corners. This method helps to fill the corners and helps keep the pillow from feeling lumpy from the stuffing.